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Buying a House


The Shapero Law Firm is California's leading law firm in both Pre-Foreclosure and Post-Foreclosure Law.  With vast experience and thousands of clients all across the state, the Shapero Law Firm is well equipped to fight on your behalf against the banks and servicers.   At the Shapero Law firm, we believe that every borrower has a better chance of saving their home and obtaining a successful outcome with our representation.  Some examples of services we provide:


Filing Civil Lawsuits Against Lenders and Servicers

Obtaining Temporary Restraining Orders and Preliminary Injunctions to Stop the Foreclosure Sale - We have a 96% Success Rate on TROs

Aggressively Negotiating Loan Modifications, Monetary Settlements, or other Foreclosure Prevention Alternative Options on your behalf


Ensuring the Foreclosing Entity and Trustee Have Followed all Federal and State Foreclosure Laws and Assessing Whether there is any Possibility of the Sale Being Rescinded and Home Ownership Restored
Aggressively Negotiating Move Out Terms so that YOU Remain in Charge

Helping you Acquire any Surplus Funds Due to you

Recovering any Lost Equity as a Result of the Sale


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