Don't fight the bank alone

I have a 96% success rate of stopping Foreclosure Sales for my clients

Sarah Shapero, Esq.

I understand that your property is not just an asset, it's your home.  That's why I have spent my career fighting for my clients rights to home ownership. 

The banks are big organizations that can give you the run-around.  Tell us your story dealing with the bank and we'll tell you whether we can help

How we litigate for your success

File for a Temporary Restraining Order to stop the sale of your home

Find legal action we can take against the bank to increase negotiation leverage

Utilize our years of experience suing banks and servicers to negotiate on your behalf

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What People Say

Scott T.

Thank you Sarah and the Shapero Law Firm Team!  We were so pleased with your professionalism and tenacity that you took on fighting our lender.  We cannot believe the settlement we received. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this situation could end up with this large of a settlement.  YOU SAVED our home - no words can express our thankfulness.

Apollonia M.

I would highly recommend the Shapero Law Firm to assist you with any of your mortgage issues.  After years of negotiating with my bank, I was getting nowhere but with Mrs. Shapero's assistance, I was finally able to come to a resolution with the bank and I will be able to keep my home.  Mrs. Shapero had a very good strategy with dealing with the banks attorney.  She did her research well and knew when to respond to the opposing counsel.  What at time seemed to be a delay in responding to opposing counsel actually turned out to my favor.  Mrs. Shapero is very strategic, professional, calm and very easy to work with.  These are the same qualities that she used to help me keep my home and also get a huge settlement.  Thank you Mrs. Shapero!

Deborah T.

I contacted Sarah when I was facing foreclosure and ensuing eviction.  Although I never met her in person she ended up being an amazing advocate, tough negotiator and very knowledgeable representation.  
In all my communication Sarah was clear, thorough and very neutral about my position and options.
I've had multiple dealings with I'm experienced.  I would give Sarah top ratings across the board.